• Manufacturer     Porsche

  • Model                911 SC

  • Class                 Group A

  • Specification     Historic Tarmac

  • Year                  1980

  • Engine              3.0L Flat-Six 

  • Capacity            2993cc       

  • Transmission     5-Speed

  • Drivetrain           Rear Wheel Drive

  • Wheels              15x7" Minilites

  • Tyres                  4x 185/70/15



Rothmans Porsche 911 SC

RA Classics are proud to offer for sale this fantastic Rothmans Porsche 911 SC rally car; built from the ground-up to create a comprehensive replica of the original 1980’s group-4 Rothmans cars. Offered for sale with all accompanying MSA papers, such as the Historic Vehicle Identification Form and Competition Logbook.

The base 3.0L 911 SC has been completely stripped back to the bare shell to allow the installation of a 6-point roll cage by Safety Devices to reinforce the body, in addition to having the original sunroof removed. The car has then been outfitted from the ground-up with all required onboard rallying equipment. The interior features two Atech bucket-seats with 5-point LUKE racing harnesses, a Sparco steering wheel, a Wevo racing gearstick, a dual circuit pedal-box and a hydraulic handbrake on the driver’s side. The codriver is supplied with a Brandz timing system, an array of controls for the navigation and cabin lights as well as for an on-board camera (not supplied), an exposed fuse-box, Sparco alloy foot-rest, fire suppression system and intercom controls, All of the above are set into a black flocked dashboard which also features an exposed fuse-box and electrical kill-switch. The side and rear window glass has also been replaced with light-weight Perspex, which is still mounted on adjustable mechanisms and can be lowered and raised as normal.

The car sits on 15x7” gloss white minilite alloys. The suspension is as standard with wishbones at the front and trailing bars on the rear, torsion bar springs and telescopic dampers at all four corners. The 3 litre flat six engine features later PMO downdraft carburettors and an electronic rev limiter. The car also retains the original type 915 5-speed gearbox, with shortened gear ratios for stronger acceleration.

Of course, the exterior of the car has had a lavish amount of attention paid to it. The White and Blue colour scheme of the iconic Rothman’s livery has been fastidiously recreated to capture the spirit of the original cars. It is, however, one thing to emulate the style and appearance of a rallying icon and entirely another to emulate the success. This 911 is, happily, very capable and deserving of the livery it wears; enjoying success in a wide range of competitions including 2nd place in the Irish Historic Rally Championship as well as posting the fastest time at the Race-Retro in Stoneleigh in 2009.

This Porsche is, all together, a true labour of love; built with no expense spared to emulate as well as possible an icon of rallying. Naturally the car has been lovingly looked after over the last twelve years by the current owner; the same owner who commissioned the car’s restoration and rally conversion with Ninemeister back in 2007.


For more information please contact Ramsport UK Ltd

Telephone: 01745 890470


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