• Original RS2000 shell

  • 2.0litre OHC

  • Bolt in roll cage 

  • 6 point harness's 

  • Fly off handbrake

  • Side mounted competition seats

  • Ford rocket close ratio box with quick shift

  • GP1 big valve head with rally cam shaft 

  • Uprated single plated paddle clutch 

  • Twin 44 idf webers with pipercross filters

  • RS rear axle with LSD and anti tramp bars fitted 

  • Bilstein dampers 

  • multi leaf rear springs and lowering blocks

  • Sparco plumbed in extinguisher system 

  • World cup cross member and engine mounts

  • Adjustable uprated track control arms 

  • Dual cylinder brake peddle box 

  • Alloy sump guard / codrivers footrest

  • Front mounted oil cooler 

  • Anti dive kit fitted front roll bar

  • Aero quip hoses throughout 

  • Luminition ignition system

  • RS interior and clocks 

  • Carello Megalux lamps





As with its predecessor, the Mk II had a successful rallying career. All models of the Mk I were carried over to the Mk II, though the Mexico gained the RS badge and had its engine changed to a 1.6 L OHC Pinto instead of the OHV. A "Sport" model was also produced using the 1.6 L Crossflow. A new model was released, the RS1800, which had a fuel injected 1790 cc Cosworth BDE engine. It was essentially created for rallying.


This escort was built around a rust free RS2000 shell that was seam welded. The fabrication of the shell has been completed to a high standard and remains in great condition to this day. This car is a part of Rob Atkinson's personal collection of cars and was used for a fun weekend car. It's more than capable of being entered into historic rallying, road rallying, targa endurance events, fitted with a bolt in roll cage, 6 point harnesses, side mounted competition seats, plumbed in extinguisher system and Carello Megalux lamps. The options for this car are endless.


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